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For a lawn to be the envy of your community, a professional program is recommended. Only lawn experts are knowledgeable about what most affects its success. From the correct amount of moisture to the benefits of a fertilization program, your lawn can be a big job for someone who already has a full-time occupation, or no inclination to take on its complicated responsibilities.

If your lawn is in very poor condition from the start, you may be advised to consider replacement, replanting with seeds or sod in appropriate top soil, using a type of grass best suited to your environment. Your conditions will dictate what the best choice should be based on available light, moisture and natural soil pH which is affected by surrounding trees and other factors.

Every property benefits from the installation of an irrigation system which will provide the proper amount of moisture directly to the roots of your lawn which most above-the-ground watering systems fail to deliver. While this may seem like an extravagant investment, its long-term value is unparalleled. Initial costs are reduced significantly over time by savings in water usage and waste as well as time spent in addressing problems caused by drought or lack of proper care. Plus, the enjoyment you will experience with the aesthetic excellence of a gorgeous lawn far outweigh the initial inconvenience of system setup.

If having a lawn impedes your landscape plan or level of comfort in any way, your landscape designer will suggest other options which could include terraced planting beds and retaining walls, patios, decorative stone treatments, or other ideas conducive to a low-maintenance outdoor environment.

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